BG Products and Services

BG Products

Overview of BG Products and Services

As an authorized BG dealer and service center, Team-One Automotive provides an extensive array of BG Products and Services to guarantee top-notch car durability and performance. Our skilled experts offer premium maintenance and fluid exchange services by utilizing cutting-edge BG products and methods.

BG Products and Services cover a wide array of solutions, including Automatic Transmission Fluid Drain and Fill, GDI Induction and Injection Service, Premium Transmission Fluid Service, Synthetic Transmission Fluid Flush with Brake Fluid Exchange, Climate Control Service, and Coolant Exchange. These services are designed to address specific components and systems within your vehicle, ensuring they operate at peak efficiency.

Our BG Services offer complete automobile care, from preserving seamless gearbox shifting to maximizing fuel delivery. For your car to last longer and require fewer expensive repairs, regular maintenance and fluid changes are essential. Through the use of BG’s state-of-the-art products and adherence to suggested servicing intervals, we assist optimize the dependability and performance of your car.

Regular Maintenance and Fluid Services: Keeping Your Vehicle in Top Shape
Maintaining the functionality, lifespan, and general health of your car requires routine maintenance and fluid changes. Ignoring these little but important details might result in early wear and tear, reduced performance, and expensive repairs.

To handle different parts and systems in your car, Team-One Automotive provides BG Products and Services. BG’s advanced solutions help extend transmission life, optimize fuel delivery in GDI systems, enhance braking performance, maintain proper temperature control, and ensure optimal climate control operation.

Through the use of BG’s state-of-the-art products and adherence to suggested servicing schedules, we assist optimize the longevity, dependability, and performance of your car. In the long term, investing in routine maintenance will save you money on repairs and downtime.

BG Shops 3 Tier System

BG Levels

BG Products, Inc. has a 3 Tier System to rank authorized service centers – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – based on the range of BG Automotive Maintenance Services offered and input from the local BG Distributor.

Silver Shops offer at least 3 out of 9 core services, Gold Shops offer at least 6 core services, and Platinum Shops offer at least 6 core services while meeting additional distributor requirements.


Team-One Automotive: A Platinum BG Shop

At Team-One Automotive, we proudly hold the prestigious Platinum designation. This signifies our commitment to providing a comprehensive range of BG Automotive Maintenance Services across at least 6 core categories, adhering to the highest standards, and meeting additional distributor requirements.

Our certified technicians perform services like Transmission Fluid Services, GDI Cleaning, Climate Control Service, and more, using BG’s advanced products and techniques for optimal vehicle performance and longevity.

BG Services / Fluid Services We Offer

Our BG services cover a range of maintenance and fluid exchange services to ensure the longevity and performance of your vehicle. We are a certified tier 3 BG dealer and service center as previously mentioned:

  • Automatic Transmission Fluid Drain and Fill: Replace old transmission fluid to improve shifting and extend transmission life.
  • GDI Induction and Injection Service: Clean and maintain Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) systems for optimal fuel delivery.
  • Premium Transmission Fluid Service: Provide premium transmission fluid exchange to enhance transmission performance.
  • Synthetic Transmission Fluid Flush with Brake Fluid Exchange: Flush and replace transmission fluid with synthetic oil, coupled with a brake fluid exchange for improved braking performance.
  • Climate Control Service: Maintain and optimize the vehicle’s climate control system for comfortable driving.
  • Coolant Exchange: Perform a coolant exchange to prevent engine overheating and maintain proper temperature control.

The BG Lifetime Protection Plan: Your Vehicle’s Lifelong Warranty

The BG Lifetime Protection Plan, a comprehensive warranty package that offers unparalleled peace of mind for your vehicle’s essential parts and systems, is something that Team-One Automotive offers to its clients. This unique plan provides lifetime protection against early failure or excessive wear on components serviced with BG Products and covers a comprehensive variety of BG Automotive Maintenance Services carried out at our facilities.

The BG Lifetime Protection Plan offers:

  • Lifetime Coverage: Protection for as long as you own your vehicle
  • Nationwide Protection: Honored at all BG Product Retailers across the U.S.
  • Transferable Coverage: Can be transferred to a new owner if you sell your vehicle

Using BG Products and Services, together with this service guarantee, protects your vehicle investment against costly repairs and replacements. It’s our dedication to providing excellent service and value. Invest in regular maintenance with confidence thanks to the BG Lifetime Protection Plan, the ultimate in automotive care and protection for your vehicle’s long life.

Why We Trust BG Products: Insights from Our Team

At Team-One Automotive, our staff’s trust and confidence in BG Products stem from witnessing firsthand the remarkable results these products deliver. Our technicians, service advisors, and managers have seen vehicles regain optimal performance and extend their lifespan thanks to BG’s advanced formulations and innovative maintenance services.

QUOTE 1 – Service Advisor
QUOTE 2 – Service Advisor
QUOTE 3 – Technician

Our staff’s firsthand experiences and the outstanding results solidify our confidence in offering BG Products and Services. We trust BG because they consistently prove their effectiveness, reliability, and commitment to innovation.