What is it like working at Team-One Automotive?

Working at our state of the art facility at Team-One Automotive is an exhilarating experience where everyday is new and exciting. Our dynamic environment is fast-paced and filled with a sense of camaraderie. Every team member takes on significant responsibilities, fostering a ‘next man up’ mentality where everyone is ready to lend a hand to colleagues. We believe in providing ample growth opportunities, from certifications and networking events like SEMA to internal promotions and continuing education courses and workshops. If there’s a specific role you aspire to try that isn’t available yet, our management is supportive and willing to explore possibilities with you. Hard work and honesty are core values here, and we emphasize the importance of being a good person. Join us at Team-One for a rewarding and fulfilling journey in the automotive industry.


Who excels at Team-One Automotive?

At Team-One Automotive, excellence thrives in the form of hardworking individuals who embody honesty, a passion for cars, resilience, and problem-solving skills. We appreciate individuals with thick skin and grit, those who never take ‘no’ as an answer. Our team values a drama-free environment, where mutual respect is the cornerstone of our collaborative success.


Who fails at Team-One Automotive?

At Team-One Automotive, success is driven by those who embrace hard work, go the extra mile without constant direction, and demonstrate dedication to our team’s values and overall goals. Individuals who make excuses, lack a strong work ethic, or bring a problematic attitude may find it challenging to thrive in our environment. We value punctuality, respect for work hours, and a commitment to excellence, expecting each team member to contribute their best effort.


What career advancement opportunities are available through Team-One Automotive?

At Team-One Automotive, we believe in fostering the growth and advancement of our team members. Technicians, regardless of their experience level, are encouraged to pursue ASE accreditation through mentorship, study materials, and assistance with test costs. We also invest in our technicians, sending them to accredited training programs and expos. We are invested in your success as an automotive technician and provide support throughout this journey.

Moreover, we value dedication and commitment. If you’ve been part of our team for an extended period, we’re open to exploring how you can transition into other roles within the company. Even if a specific position isn’t currently available, we’re willing to discuss and consider new roles that align with your skills and aspirations. We’ve seen team members take on new responsibilities or roles as promotions, showcasing our commitment to recognizing and rewarding talent within our organization.


Why does the team matter at Team-One Automotive?

At Team-One Automotive, the team is not just a part of our name; it’s at the heart of everything we do. Our cohesive ‘team’ approach ensures that every job is done right the first time, whether it’s routine maintenance or specialized services. We place a strong emphasis on transparency, community engagement, and convenience. Our commitment to being ‘Team Driven; Quality Proven’ extends to ensuring our team is well-staffed, curated, and equipped. We take pride in having passionate team members who contribute to the high-quality experience of working with Team-One. It’s more than just a name – it’s a commitment to excellence that our entire team embodies.


How to apply for a job at Team-One Automotive?

Joining Team-One Automotive is a straightforward and exciting process. Begin by applying for a position through our job board postings on platforms like Indeed, our website’s hiring page, or, if there are no current openings, feel free to send us your resume via email, reach out on social media, or drop by our location to chat.


What is the hiring process like for Team-One Automotive?

We’re constantly looking for talented individuals for roles such as service advisors, automotive technicians (experience preferred), shop hands, and more. Once your job application is received, we’ll initiate a phone screening interview, followed by an in-person interview. Additionally, we offer the opportunity for candidates to shadow in the position they’re applying for, providing a firsthand experience of the job. Upon successful completion, we’ll extend a formal offer, and if you choose to accept, you’ll officially become a valued member of our team! The typical timeframe can be as quick as one week once you have been selected for an interview.

We are always looking for great talent, interested in joining the team but there isn’t a position open? Here’s what to do.

If you’re eager to join our team but don’t see a current opening on any of our official job pages, social media, or website, here’s what you can do: Stay connected with us on social media for updates. Keep an eye on our Indeed page for new job postings. Reach out via email or visit our location to introduce yourself and express your interest in working with us. Feel free to submit your resume via email, and stay in touch with us regularly. Even if there are no posted openings, we may be looking to hire or have opportunities coming up soon!


Team-Building at Team-One Automotive!

Here at Team-One Automotive, we foster a strong team through regular management meetings every week, monthly luncheons dedicated to discussing the business’s current state, and festive parties during major national holidays. Our open-door policy encourages open communication, making us receptive to internal feedback and always ready to address any concerns or ideas for improvement from our team. Beyond the workplace, we occasionally send team members for continuing education opportunities or exciting automotive-related excursions, such as watching a NASCAR race/trip or participating in a themed driving school.


What you can expect working at Team-One Automotive?

When you join Team-One Automotive, you can expect to be an integral part of a close-knit team, fostering camaraderie and forming friendships with coworkers who share similar hobbies. Be prepared to embrace a dynamic and fast-paced environment where we collectively address our customers’ automotive issues and needs, prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our core values include transparency, honesty, and reliability. Always approach your work with respect, and strive to be part of the solution, contributing positively to our team dynamics.


What are the benefits of working at Team-One Automotive compared to the competitors/dealerships etc.?

At Team-One Automotive, we offer a range of benefits that set us apart from competitors and dealerships. Our large, state-of-the-art facility boasts 23 bays/lifts, including two alignment machines—one of them in-ground. We are also equipped with Hunter Engineering equipment and tire machines. We provide a comprehensive parts network, along with dealer-level tools and diagnostic equipment making it easy for our technicians to get the parts they need, as fast as possible. Our team also benefits from mentorship and continuing education opportunities in the automotive repair industry to further their careers.

Our facility ensures a comfortable working environment with heating, air conditioning, and proper ventilation. Qualifying team members enjoy parts and labor discounts for themselves and their family members, along with provided healthcare and benefits. Conveniently located in Broken Arrow, we also organize exciting team-building events. With ample chances for growth and ongoing education, Team-One Automotive is more than just a workplace; it’s a place for professional development and camaraderie.