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505 N Walnut Ave, Broken Arrow, OK 74012


What specific maintenance and repair specialties does Team-One excel in?

We excel in a variety of automotive specialties, including BG Product Services for enhanced vehicle performance, routine maintenance for optimal functioning across all makes and models, and Hunter Engineering Hawkeye Elite Custom Alignments for performance and modified builds.  Our expertise extends to dealership-caliber maintenance and repairs, particularly on major vehicle lines such as Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, BMW, Mini, Chevy, Ford, Subaru, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Infiniti, Kia, and Hyundai. Additionally, we conduct Pre-Purchase Inspections, offering valuable insights for informed vehicle investments.  While our skilled technicians handle a diverse range of vehicles, our core specialties, or “bread and butter,” lie in the major lines mentioned. We maintain factory subscriptions for both old and new versions of BMW, Chevy, and Ford, ensuring we stay equipped with the latest technology to meet modern vehicle demands. At Team-One Automotive, our commitment to excellence and specialized care is evident in every service we provide.


What kind of technology and equipment does Team-One utilize to ensure top-notch  service?

Our technology, software, and hardware arsenal includes advanced tools such as Hunter Engineering equipment, Witech tools, ADAS Calibrations, and factory dealership-level diagnostic tools. Specifically for BMW’s, we utilize ISTA (which stands for Integrated Service Technical Application, developed from a folder file named Rheingold that contains BMW’s main application and data), ensuring that our diagnostic capabilities meet the high standards required for BMW vehicles.  This investment in state-of-the-art technology and software allows our skilled technicians to perform precise diagnostics and deliver exceptional service across a diverse range of vehicles. Think dealer level diagnostic capabilities at an independent repair facility.


What can customers expect when they choose Team-One Automotive for their vehicle  needs?

When customers choose Team-One Automotive for their vehicle needs, they can expect a comprehensive and detailed 57 point digital vehicle inspection (DVI) that goes beyond traditional assessments. Our DVIs provide visual aids with edited pictures, highlighting major issues and facilitating clear communication with our technicians.  Our commitment to top-notch communication is evident throughout the service process. While we may not be the cheapest option in town compared to quick lube or lower-end shops, our competitive rates for needed repairs reflect our dedication to excellence. The DVI sets us apart, ensuring that customers have a clear understanding of the inspection results, similar to walking underneath the vehicle with a technician yourself and them pointing out what you found.  We prioritize transparency through video and picture documentation, ensuring customers, even those less familiar with cars, can grasp the intricacies of their vehicle’s condition. Our competitive pricing is aligned with the quality service and expertise we provide, distinguishing us from other automotive options in the area. At Team-One Automotive, customers can expect not just a service but an experience marked by clarity, excellence, and fair pricing.

Where do we envision expanding our services in the future, geographically or in terms  of offerings?

We are continually welcoming new customers due to attrition, but we currently have no plans to expand to a second location. Our facility boasts 23 bays and employs 20 skilled professionals, and our focus is on optimizing our existing services to better cater to our customers. While we feel we’re not at capacity, our commitment lies in providing quality service within our current framework. We always want to maintain open communication with our customers. This ensures they are aware of our schedule and any potential delays. Our goal is to deliver exceptional service while managing our workflow effectively, and our valued clientele appreciates our transparent approach to scheduling and service. We are also always monitoring the latest automotive technology, repair tools, and best practices to better fine tune our offerings. A recent example of this proactive approach is the recent addition of ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) Calibration equipment and technician certifications to our large suite of services. This ability to understand and work with the latest cutting-edge technology allows us to calibrate the safety and functionality of modern vehicles systems. This is a great showcase to our dedication to staying abreast of industry developments for the benefit of our customers and their ever evolving needs with their vehicles.



Why did the founder choose Broken Arrow as the location for Team-One Automotive?

We are located in Broken Arrow because it’s where the owners reside! For over 25 years, they have called Broken Arrow home, raising their families and conducting business with all those in this community. The connection to Broken Arrow is deeply rooted in the history and experiences of the owners.

If we aren’t servicing the local Broken Arrow community, our customer base has extended beyond Oklahoma, reaching as far as Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, and even Colorado and North Carolina. People from these states have sought our services, traveling the distance to benefit from the expertise and quality we offer at Team-One Automotive. We are the only CarBahn, and Dinan Certified resellers and installers for BMW’s in Oklahoma. Additionally, we take pride in providing local dealerships, car lots, and community members looking to buy vehicles Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPIs). Our reputation for thorough and reliable inspections has led to customers shipping vehicles directly to our facility for inspection, showcasing the trust they place in our services and years of combined experience.


Why should customers choose Team-One Automotive over competitors for their auto  repair needs?

Customers should choose us over the competition because of our commitment to excellence, top-notch service, and skilled team mebers. These are the cornerstones of what makes us the preferred choice when compared to other automotive repair facilities. We take pride in our facility, the people we work with, and the people we serve as customers.

We focus on quality work, transparent communication, and a dedication to customer satisfaction. we aim to exceed expectations set from your previous automotive repair experiences. With a rich history in Broken Arrow and diverse service capabilities, we cater to various automotive needs across all vehicle makes and models. At Team-One Automotive, your not just a customer, your a valued part of our automotive community where we treat you like family.