Our Mission

Why is community engagement an essential aspect of Team-One’s mission?

Here at Team-One we go beyond being just a repair garage – we are trying to be an integral part of the local car community/scene. Our passion for maintaining and modifying cars is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle that most of our staff live and breathe outside of work. Engaging with the automotive community is a way for us to connect with car enthusiasts on a personal level and relate to their issues, passions, and builds. We understand their automotive needs and challenges because we share the same enthusiasm for our cars. Whether it’s a Honda Accord daily driver or a highly modified show car BMW build, we appreciate and relate to the diverse interests within our local car community. Our commitment to community engagement stems from our genuine love for cars and the people who drive them.


Why do we prioritize transparency in communication with our customers?

Everything from business to friendships revolve around trust. Here at Team-One we train our staff and technicians to prioritize transparency in all our communication because we believe it is essential for trust in the automotive industry.

Building strong relationships with you is our priority. In a world full of other stressors, we strive to make car repairs and maintenance stress-free for you. Through transparent communication, we want to be your trusted go-to facility for all your automotive needs. The best thank you we could ever receive is a recommendation to your friends and family, and we strive to always earn your business and referrals. We are here to advise and take care of you, ensuring your automotive experience with us is easy and stress-free.


Why does Team-One Automotive believe in continuous improvement, and how does this benefit our customers?

Team One Automotive operates with meticulous attention to detail, emphasizing organization and structure in our work, (akin to OCD per Nate). We prioritize the overall health of your car over unnecessary repairs, focusing on educating you about the most vital issues first.

Continuous improvement is at our core, achieved through ongoing education, certified workshops, ASE tests, and training expos. As automotive technology evolves, our technicians attend continuous education classes to stay up-to-date, ensuring we meet the changing needs of our customers.

In our daily operations, we address common vehicle issues, understanding the importance of budget constraints. Using a 1-10 scale for priority assessment, we help customers make informed decisions based on urgency and budget considerations. At Team-One the customer always comes first, just like if you were a family member of ours.


How does Team-One Automotive ensure the highest standards of quality in its services?

At Team-One Automotive, we ensure the highest standards of quality through a rigorous process of checks and balances. Our quality control includes final test drives, multiple drives with various technicians, and meticulous degreasing and powerwashing to pinpoint leaks accurately. We prioritize confirmation through both technicians and a dedicated quality control specialist to guarantee accuracy. Additionally, during drop-off, our advisors communicate with customers to obtain specific details about any noise or issue you may be having, providing valuable information for our technicians to address and resolve the problem effectively in a time sensitive manner.

How do our technicians stay updated with the latest advancements in automotive technology?

Our technicians and staff on top of the latest advancements in automotive technology by our active participation in various conferences and training programs throughout each year.

WPI, which stands for Worldpac Technical Training Program, is a cornerstone of our continuous education efforts. This program provides advanced level diagnostic training for independent repair technicians. Additionally, the Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo, presented by the Midwest Auto Care Alliance and held in Olathe, Kansas, is another key platform where our technicians enhance their knowledge and gain new skills.

The Worldpac STX conference is a week-long event that we actively engage in. It offers valuable factory training sessions covering a spectrum of brands, including BMW, Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge. These sessions contribute to our technicians’ expertise in handling various vehicle makes and models.

We’ve recently prioritized Autel training for Advanced Driver Assistance Services (ADAS), equipping our technicians with the latest calibration technologies for enhanced vehicle safety and performance.

Our consistent front office attendance at the SEMA convention over four years highlights our commitment to staying ahead in the automotive industry. SEMA offers valuable insights into the latest innovations and trends shaping our field.

These initiatives are crucial parts of our strategy to empower technicians with the skills and knowledge needed for top-notch automotive services in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.


How can customers schedule appointments with Team-One Automotive, and what’s the process?

To schedule an appointment with us, you have several convenient options. The easiest method is the scheduling feature available on our website.

If you would rather speak to us, call us anytime during business hours and our service advisors will schedule an appointment to fit your needs. Or you can email us your preferred time, and we’ll respond with available drop-off slots. Lastly, you can connect with us on social media like Facebook or Instagram by sending direct messages anytime.

It’s important to note that appointments are primarily for scheduling and drop-off time windows. While having an appointment ensures a designated drop-off time, it doesn’t guarantee an immediate vehicle inspection by a technician at that specific moment. Instead, your vehicle will be added to our queue after drop-off. Our service advisors will then create a service ticket and dispatch the vehicle to a technician, ensuring a systematic and efficient workflow.

We always prioritize flexibility and convenience in scheduling to meet your needs.


How does Team-One Automotive contribute to the local community, and what  initiatives have been successful?

We actively engage with the local community through various automotive related initiatives and events. Our successful endeavors include participation in Toys for Tots, organizing toy drives, hosting trunk or treat events, and conducting informative open houses with demonstrations. We have previously sponsored dirt track racers, youth bmx riders, river floats, and localized Broken Arrow business initiatives. Additionally, we contribute to community education by providing informative content on our social media channels.


How does Team-One Automotive handle emergency situations or urgent repair needs for customers?

In emergency situations or urgent repair needs, Team-One Automotive takes a proactive approach. We assess the situation by asking “if it’s safe to drive”, and if possible, we recommend our preferred tow company or inquire if the customer can bring the vehicle in via other safe methods. For cases where it’s unsafe to drive, we arrange towing services to bring the vehicle to our facility. We also provide shuttle rides or recommend rental cars to ensure customers have transportation during the repair process. Additionally, customers with previous Technet warranty work enjoy the benefit of free towing, a reimbursable service within the warranty period. Our goal is to swiftly address urgent situations and provide convenient solutions for our customers.

Since 2009, our focus has remained the same: provide an exceptional automotive maintenance experience to any customer fueled by our team’s passion, precision, and enthusiasm. At Team-One Automotive, our cohesive ‘team’ approach guarantees the job is done right the first time. From routine maintenance to specialized services, we prioritize transparency, community, and convenience. Join us on the road to exceptional automotive experiences. Schedule an appointment with us today. Team Driven; Quality Proven ☝️