Cooling Systems

What is Your Vehicle’s Cooling System?

Your vehicle’s cooling system is critical for maintaining engine temperature and preventing overheating. Team-One Automotive specializes in complete cooling system services to keep your vehicle operating smoothly. Our professional technicians employ cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and high-quality OEM and aftermarket components to diagnose and treat any cooling system issues, including radiator repairs and coolant flushes. Trust our staff to maintain peak cooling system performance and avoid costly failures via routine inspections and attention to detail.

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Cooling System Services Offered at Team-One

Our comprehensive cooling system services will keep your engine cool and operating efficiently. We have you covered for radiator repairs and replacements, whether it’s flushing blockages or installing a new OEM or aftermarket radiator to fit your needs. Your water pump is not keeping things circulating properly? We’ll inspect it and give you various repair options from our expansive parts network. Thermostat acting up and letting your engine run too hot or cold? Say no more, we’re thermostat replacement pros. And don’t forget about coolant flushes – we’ll drain the old, used fluid and refill with the recommended coolant to keep your system flowing like new. Here is a list of our Coolant System Services:

  • Inspect and maintain the cooling system, belts, and hoses for optimal engine performance.
  • Coolant Flush and Refill Services
  • Complete coolant system drain and flush
  • Refill with fresh, manufacturer-recommended coolant
  • Inspection for leaks and proper coolant mixture
  • Coolant system pressure testing
  • Coolant additive replenishment (rust inhibitors, sealants, etc.) from BGProducts


Why Choose Team-One Automotive for Cooling System Services?

Team-One Automotive provides superior cooling system services, backed by experienced specialists and a commitment to excellence. Our ASE-certified technicians are constantly trained to keep ahead of the curve, guaranteeing they have the knowledge to effectively diagnose and fix even the most complicated cooling systems. We always utilize genuine OEM and premium aftermarket parts that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications, ensuring long-lasting repairs with solid warranties.

But our services go beyond just the repair itself. Every cooling system work starts with a thorough multi-point check with cutting-edge diagnostic instruments. This detailed approach enables us to spot minor concerns before they progress into larger, more expensive solutions down the line. You can trust Team-One Automotive to take care of your cooling system because of our technical experience, high-quality parts, and thorough inspections.

Answers to Common Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the recommended frequency of coolant flushing?
A: Most manufactures recommend a thorough flush every 30,000 miles or two to three years; your owner’s manual will include the exact interval for your vehicle.

Q: What indicates that I should clean/flush/change my coolant?
A: A flush may be necessary if there are leaks, overheating, coolant discolouration or contamination, problems with the temperature gauge, or debris accumulation. Take heed of these warning indications.

Q: Can I mix different coolant types?
A: No, mixing coolants can cause sludge and clogs. Always use the type specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Q: Should I replace the thermostat during a flush?
A: While not required, replacing the inexpensive thermostat during a complete flush ensures proper temperature regulation.

Q: Why use the correct coolant mixture?
A: The specific coolant formula contains vital additives like rust inhibitors. Using the wrong mixture risks inadequate corrosion protection.


Schedule Your Cooling System Service With Us

Don’t wait for a cooling system problem to leave you stuck or overheating. Schedule an appointment with our professionals as soon as you notice any problems. Early issue detection can reduce the cost of necessary future repairs.

It’s easy to make an appointment: just give us a call at 918-251-0018. Together, you and our skilled staff will choose a time and day that works best for you. If you have any servicing needs, you may also email us at, and we’ll quickly confirm your appointment.

No matter how you set things up, you may receive first-rate customer assistance all the way through. We’ll keep you updated and promptly get you back behind the wheel with a reliable, efficient cooling system.

Call Team-One Automotive as soon as possible to arrange for your cooling system servicing; don’t put it off any longer.