Alignments, Custom Alignments, and Our Expertise

Tulsa Auto Repair Alignment

It is essential to maintain proper alignment for your car in order to preserve handling, performance, and tire wear. We at Team-One Automotive provide the highest degree of accuracy and knowledge in the Tulsa, Oklahoma / Broken Arrow area, specializing in both routine and customized car alignments.

During an alignment, the wheel angles of your car are adjusted to comply with manufacturer requirements. When your tires are aligned properly, they will consistently make contact with the road, which will improve handling, decrease tire wear, and improve your entire driving experience by boosting your driving circumstances and habits.

Why should you pick us for your needs related to alignment? Hunter Engineering has certified the extensive training and expertise of our team of professionals in executing customized alignments. They are skilled in determining the alignment requirements for your car and can precisely alter it to meet OEM requirements or even go above and beyond, according on your demands.

We make use of the most recent Hunter Engineering Hawkeye Elite alignment devices, one of which is underground. This means that regardless of the suspension setup you have or have recently had put with us, we can handle cars of any height, even low or slammed vehicles, and guarantee precise alignments every time.

We can customize the alignment specifications for your vehicle, including caster, camber, toe-in, toe-out, and more. This level of customization ensures that your vehicle’s alignment is tailored to your driving style and vehicle’s specifications.

At Team-One, we’re dedicated to giving our clients the best possible service. We take the time to carefully examine your car and go over any alignment problems or suggestions with you. We are aware of how precious your time is. Because of this, we provide easy appointment scheduling and work hard to finish your alignment treatment fast so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Don’t skimp on the alignment of your car. For all of your custom alignment requirements in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Broken Arrow region, put your trust in the professionals at Team-One Automotive.


Alignment Services at Team One Automotive

At Team-One Automotive, we provide a wide selection of alignment services to guarantee that your car handles well, runs smoothly, and has the right amount of tire wear. Using cutting-edge tools, and our Hunter Engineering Hawkeye Elite alignment machines, our skilled technicians can precisely align your car to meet its unique requirements.


Our Alignment Services Include:

  1. Regular Alignments: Regular alignments guarantee ideal handling, reduce uneven tire wear, and increase fuel efficiency. We advise including routine alignments in your car’s maintenance regimen.
  2. Alignment tests: Our alignment tests will find any alignment problems if you’re having problems with your steering or uneven tire wear. We’ll offer a thorough digital report and suggest any required changes.
  3. Suspension Checks: We examine the state of the suspension parts in your car, since this might have an impact on alignment. We’ll check for worn-out or broken components and make any necessary repair or replacement recommendations.
  4. Uneven Tire Wear from Poor Alignment: Poor alignment can result in uneven tire wear, which might necessitate early tire replacement. Your tires’ lifespan can be increased and your car’s overall performance can be enhanced with our alignment services.
  5. Front, Rear, and All-Wheel Drive Alignments: Our specialists are qualified to align all kinds of drivetrains, regardless of whether your car has front, rear, or all-wheel drive.
  6. Track Specification and Custom Alignments: We provide track specification alignments to improve your car’s handling and performance for performance and track lovers. Additionally, we may create personalized alignments based on your unique driving requirements or aesthetic choices.
  7. Alignment to OEM Specification: To guarantee correct alignment and handling, your car must be aligned to OEM standards after installing OEM replacement components. Our specialists are skilled at properly aligning your car to meet OEM specifications.
  8.  Alignments to Custom Specification: We may adjust the alignment to your specifications if you have particular preferences depending on your driving style or cosmetic objectives. We may fulfill your requirements for a customized appearance for your car or a more aggressive alignment for improved handling.

For all your alignment requirements, put your trust in Team-One Automotive. Modern tools and knowledgeable specialists guarantee that your ride gets the finest maintenance available. Make an appointment for your alignment treatment right now to see the Team-One difference!

Comprehensive Suspension Services at Team One Automotive

To guarantee your car performs and feels as comfortable as possible, we provide a comprehensive selection of suspension maintenance. For an exact fit, we provide authentic OEM suspension components such as struts, shocks, sway bars, and end links. For those seeking enhanced handling or a sportier look, we provide custom and performance suspension options such as coilovers, air ride systems, and lowering kits from top aftermarket suppliers. Our skilled technicians expertly install any suspension setup, from simple OEM replacements to complex custom systems. After installation, we perform a final alignment, allowing you to choose between returning to OEM specs or a customized alignment for your desired ride height, camber, caster, and toe settings.


Benefits of Proper Alignment and Suspension:

At Team-One Automotive, we understand the importance of proper alignment and suspension for a safe, comfortable, and joyful driving experience. These systems require regular maintenance, just like every other part of your automobile.

  • Even tire contact with the road is ensured by proper wheel alignment, which enhances control while braking, cornering, and other actions. Pulling, longer stopping distances, and trouble reacting rapidly can all be caused by misalignment.
  • Maintaining suspension and struts allows you and your passengers to get a better ride by absorbing shocks and uneven terrain. A worn-out suspension system may cause your automobile to feel erratic and bounce.
  • Uneven tire wear results from misaligned wheels because they grind against the pavement rather than moving smoothly. This raises the requirement for tire replacement sooner, which raises overall expenses.
  • When drag is reduced by proper alignment, your engine may run more smoothly and use less gasoline.
  • Frequent alignments also aid in the early detection of any suspension problems, reducing premature wear and the need for expensive future repairs.
  • Any of the following symptoms might indicate alignment or suspension problems: uneven tire wear, pulling the car, vibrations, difficulty steering, or excessive bouncing when braking.

Please get in touch with us to set up routine upkeep and inspections. We provide comprehensive digital inspections for your car’s suspension and alignment to protect your investment’s lifespan as well as your comfort and safety when driving.


Expert Alignment and Suspension Technicians

The alignments and suspension services at Team-One Automotive are performed by a team of highly skilled, ASE certified technicians. Many have completed extensive specialized training directly with industry leaders like Hunter Engineering to further expand their alignment expertise.

When it comes to custom alignments tailored for performance driving, we have technicians who go above and beyond typical automotive knowledge. Several of our experts not only work on vehicles daily but have a deep understanding of suspension geometry and driving dynamics from competing in semi-professional and professional drifting events.

This unique combination of factory training and real-world high-performance driving experience allows our technicians to dial in custom alignment setups that optimize tire wear, handling response, and driving feel whether you’re on the track or the street. Their passion for performance translates to alignments precisely tailored to your vehicle’s needs and driving style.

From routine maintenance alignments to dialing in the perfect suspension geometry for drifting or autocross, you can rest assured that our Team-One technicians have the knowledge and expertise to get your car’s alignment and suspension tuned to perfection.


Quality Parts and Equipment from Our Parts Network

At Team-One Automotive, we’re committed to utilizing the greatest tools and supplies available to guarantee that the suspension and alignment of your car are precisely calibrated. For this reason, we have developed a network of reliable vendors for tested, high-quality suspension parts.

We provide premium coilover kits from reputable manufacturers like KW, Bilstein, and Eibach for individuals looking for completely adjustable suspension systems. They make it possible to precisely adjust the spring rates, dampening, and ride height.

We install premium lowering springs from top manufacturers like Eibach, H&R, and others to obtain an aggressive stance. Their progressively higher spring rates enhance handling without lowering the pleasure of the ride.

With adjustable plates from companies like Hotchkis, SPC, and Dinan, adjusting important suspension geometry angles like camber and caster is simple. Set the tire contact maximum and steering feel responsiveness just right.

For individuals seeking a total, matched suspension upgrade, we can also install whole suspension kits from renowned brands like KW, Bilstein, Ă–hlins, and more.

Our network of high-quality component manufacturers can provide you with everything from a basic spring exchange to fully adjustable coilovers or a whole performance-tuned suspension system. Every product goes through a comprehensive vetting process to make sure it satisfies our high standards for durability, fit, and performance.