BMW Repair

BMW & Mini Background

At Team-One Automotive we are the leading BMW and Mini specialists in the Tulsa/Broken Arrow area, with factory-trained technicians, access to OEM parts and the BMW ISTA diagnostic software. Our expertise spans routine maintenance, complex repairs, and performance upgrades like engine tuning, exhaust systems, suspension, and brakes. We have the skills and equipment to service all BMW/Mini needs with precision, unlocking the full potential of these Ultimate Driving Machines. Trust your BMW or Mini to our meticulous specialists committed to excellence. Not only do we work on them, but a majority of our staff are BMW enthusiasts even owning several themselves.

BMW & Mini Maintenance Services

For maximum performance, lifespan, and efficiency, you must keep your BMW or Mini Cooper regularly serviced. At Team-One, we adhere to all factory-recommended maintenance plans to guarantee that your car performs at its peak for every mile. Our maintenance services include using the correct BMW/Mini-approved synthetic oils and following precise drain intervals to maximize engine life, while also replacing filters and thoroughly inspecting key components with each oil service. We provide complete brake system maintenance from brake pad/shoe replacements to rotor/drum machining and brake fluid flushes, ensuring optimal braking performance and preventing excessive wear. Proper tire maintenance with rotations, balancing, alignments, and tire replacements with approved BMW/Mini tires maximizes tread life and driving dynamics. Additionally, BMW and Mini publish specific maintenance schedules based on mileage and months in service, which we meticulously follow for tasks like replacing fluids, filters, spark plugs, belts, and more to keep your vehicle in like-new condition. Our maintenance services use the latest factory service data and OEM parts to provide a manufacturer-approved standard of care, ensuring your BMW or Mini will run beautifully for years to come.

BMW & Mini Repair Services

Even with diligent maintenance, BMWs and Minis sometimes need repairs. Our expert technicians utilize the latest diagnostic technologies and OEM procedures to service all major systems. We handle common issues like rod bearing replacements, turbocharger failures, cracked charge pipes, as well as engine overhauls and timing chain replacements. For transmissions, we cover everything from fluid services to complete rebuilds to ensure smooth, crisp shifts. Electrical gremlin slowing you down? We’ll get to the root cause using ISTA software, repairing modules, wiring issues and more. Suspension problems disrupting your Ultimate Driving experience? We replace shocks, struts, control arms and other components to restore that planted, responsive handling. No matter the repair, we can use genuine BMW/Mini parts and unrivaled expertise to get your vehicle back in top condition or provide you with a plethora of performance upgrades from our trusted part / vendor network.

Dealership Level Diagnostics and Software (ISTA)

One of the keys to our BMW/Mini repair expertise is our access to the factory ISTA software suite. This proprietary diagnostic system gives us the same capabilities as the dealerships when it comes to troubleshooting your vehicle.
With ISTA, we can perform comprehensive vehicle scans to pinpoint issues down to the module level. This diagnostic software provides detailed data streams, bi-directional control tests, and the ability to code out fault codes when repairs are completed.

ISTA also allows us to download and install the latest software updates and programming from BMW. This ensures your vehicle’s modules and systems are operating with the most current data for optimized drivability and functionality.

Perhaps most importantly, the ISTA system is integrated with BMW’s vast library of repair instructions and technical service bulletins. We can quickly access OEM-level guidance to follow the proper diagnostic procedures and repair methods for any issue on BMWs and Mini Coopers.

With our mastery of the ISTA software, we can diagnose, repair, and update your BMW/Mini with the same level of authority as the dealership, but with the added expertise and personal attention you’d expect from a specialist shop.

Performance Upgrades

For performance enthusiasts, we offer a range of upgrades to unleash your BMW/Mini’s full potential. As certified dealers and installers for top brands like Carbahn, Dinan, and APR, we can provide and install any of their premium upgrades. Our technicians offer performance software tuning from these companies to optimize power and drivability. We install their exhaust upgrades for better airflow and that signature BMW sound. Suspension components like coilovers and sway bars transform handling response and grip. Upgraded brakes with high-performance pads/rotors or big brake kits match the increased speed capabilities. Our meticulous installation of Carbahn, Dinan, APR and other top upgrades enhances power and driving dynamics while maintaining factory-level quality and reliability.

Why Choose Team-One for BMW and Mini’s?

At Team-One, our specialized BMW and Mini expertise sets us apart. Our passion for these vehicles shows in everything we do. Our factory-trained technicians combine in-depth knowledge with state-of-the-art tools like the ISTA diagnostic software used by dealerships. We repair and maintain using only Genuine BMW/Mini parts, following all manufacturer procedures. But we also offer modifications from top brands like Carbahn, Dinan, and APR to build your ultimate driving machine. From maintenance to cutting-edge performance upgrades, trust the BMW/Mini specialists.

Schedule your service or consultation today to experience the unrivaled professionalism and quality that keeps BMW and Mini owners coming back to Team-One time and time again!