Team-One Automotive is proud to be an authorized dealer of CarBahn Performance Parts. We are also the only current Carbahn dealer in the state of Oklahoma. CarBahn is the leading producer of BMW tuning software and high-performance parts and we stand behind their products and services.

You can increase the power and performance of your BMW safely with CarBahn’s performance tuning software. The software is designed to deliver reliable “Smooth Power,” as the software is calibrated correctly by using a safe approach to power adjustment. They also offer a factory matching warranty program – See details below.

CarBahn also designs their own suspension systems, paying careful attention to spring, damping, and anti-roll bar relationships, as well as bushing deflection and suspension geometry to make a truly superior system.


CarBahn BMW High Performance Parts

Here some of the most popular CarBahn products, available to be purchased and installed at Team-One Automotive.

Tulsa Auto Repair Carbahn Carbahn Products

Carbon Fiber: Carbahn’s carbon fiber components are expertly made, bringing out the best in a vehicle’s appearance and functionality. Carbahn’s carbon fiber components provide aerodynamic improvements and are strong and lightweight, giving any automobile a dash of racing-inspired flair.

Tuning Software: The core of Carbahn’s performance enhancements is its tuning software, which provides specialized tuning solutions to maximize engine performance. Carbahn’s tuning software unlocks latent power and torque by recalibrating different engine settings, resulting in a notable boost in overall performance and throttle response.

Power Packages: Carbahn provides a complete solution for optimizing engine performance with their carefully crafted power packages, which are meant to function in tandem with their tuning software. Air filters, exhaust systems, and other performance-enhancing items are often included in these packages; all of them are tuned to provide a noticeable improvement in horsepower, torque, and driveability.

Air Filters: Carbahn’s high-flow air filters are made to increase the engine’s airflow, which boosts economy and performance. A great alternative to OEM and aftermarket performance air filters which may lack quality.

Exhaust: Carbahn’s exhaust systems are made of high-quality materials to maximize exhaust flow for better performance and provide a deep, aggressive exhaust tone. These exhaust systems are made to improve engine efficiency and lessen backpressure, which makes for a more thrilling driving experience.

Suspension: The suspension improvements offered by Carbahn are designed to enhance handling and cornering performance, resulting in a more thrilling driving experience. These modifications usually include new springs, shocks, and sway bars, which are all intended to enhance the responsiveness and stability of the car.

Our Shop’s CarBahn BMW F87 M2 Competition

Our shop’s 2020 BMW M2 Competition, which has been enhanced with Carbahn components, is a perfect example of our dedication to quality and enthusiasm for automotive performance. This high-performance car is a representation of our commitment to provide our clients excellent aftermarket parts, service, and knowledge. We had to personally witness the CarBahn difference on one of our own vehicles.

Tulsa Auto Repair Carbahn Nates M2

2020 BMW M2 Compeition

  • Carbhan Suspension Package
  • Stage 1 Tune
  • Intake System
  • CarBahn Exhaust


Why CarBahn?

CarBahn products were our choice for a number of reasons. First off, CarBahn has an unrivaled reputation from Steve Dinan for providing outstanding performance increases. Their Stage 1 option significantly increases horsepower and torque when paired with the Suspension package, elevating the driving experience to thrilling new heights.

Furthermore, Carbahn’s emphasis on dependability and quality is a wonderful fit with our principles. We rely on CarBahn’s products to work consistently and dependably, so our shop car runs flawlessly both on the road and the racetrack.

Carbahn vs. Other Brands: Why?
Although many aftermarket manufacturers offer performance modifications for BMWs, CarBahn is distinguished by its rigorous testing and attention to detail. Every product is meticulously built to retain the vehicle’s dependability and driveability while simultaneously improving performance.

Furthermore, Carbahn has an unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction. With a thorough guarantee behind their goods, we can invest in quality parts and software with peace of mind for both our customers and ourselves.

Our shop, BMW M2 Competition Carbahn Stage 1, is evidence of our commitment to giving our clients the best automotive services and goods. We are convinced that our shop vehicle sets the benchmark for dependability and performance thanks to the Carbahn enhancements.

What type of warranty does Carbahn offer?

Carbahn offers a comprehensive warranty program for its products

  1. Within 4-Year/50,000-Mile New Car Warranty: Customers must register with Carbahn at the time of purchase to maintain matching warranty coverage. Carbahn reserves the right to deny warranty program enrollment under certain conditions.
  2. Outside 4-Year/50,000-Mile New Car Warranty: For two years from the original purchase date of the Carbahn product, Carbahn will repair or replace any defective Carbahn component at its sole discretion. This warranty does not cover repairs to any original vehicle manufacturer’s component(s) that may have been affected by a Carbahn component.
  3. Carbahn Extended Care Warranty: Available to customers who own Carbahn’s High-Performance products and services, including High-Performance Engines, Software, Suspension Kits, etc. The warranty is available in two variants:
    • Powertrain Warranty: Covers Engine components, turbochargers, superchargers, transmission, transfer unit, drive axle(s), and any seals and gaskets pertaining to these systems.
    • Full Vehicle Warranty: Covers Engine components, turbochargers, superchargers, transmission, transfer unit, drive axle(s), steering, electrical, electronics, suspension, brakes, air conditioning, cooling, 4-wheel steering, anti-lock brakes, fuel delivery, interior, exterior, emission, and any seals and gaskets pertaining to these systems.

CarBahn Products at Team-One Automotive

CarBahn products can professionally engineer your BMW to get the highest level of performance possible. Team-One Automotive is an authorized CarBahn dealer (the only one in the state of Oklahoma), with factory trained BMW service master technicians. Contact us today to schedule your CarBahn consultation to experience the difference!