Oil Change

What are oil changes, and why are they essential for keeping your vehicle healthy?

Maintaining the health and general performance of a vehicle’s engine requires routine oil changes. By lubricating the engine’s moving parts, engine oil lowers heat accumulation and friction. As oil degrades and gets tainted with dirt, debris, and combustion byproducts over time, engine parts may experience increased wear and friction. You can guarantee that the engine runs smoothly by changing the oil on a regular basis, which also removes these pollutants. This prolongs the engine’s life and helps prevent early wear. Fresh oil change Tulsa also aids in maintaining the right engine temperature and seals, which can enhance fuel economy and lower the chance of engine damage. An easy and affordable approach to safeguard the engine of your car and guarantee its long-term dependability is to change the oil on a regular basis.

Our oil change service expertise and quality

In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Team One Automotive is the best option when it comes to oil changes for any make or model – including high performance, European, and exotics. Our staff of knowledgeable mechanics is aware of how crucial routine oil changes are to preserving the longevity and performance of your car.

Team One Automotive guarantees an accurate oil change every time by paying close attention to details and utilizing high-quality oil change Tulsa supplies. You can rely on us to provide excellent servicing and expertise to maintain the smooth and effective operation of your engine.


Our service process for oil changes

We at Team One Automotive take great satisfaction in offering an extensive and careful oil changing procedure. When you bring your car to us for an oil change, we make sure we follow OEM guidelines by first checking our database to confirm the oil weight and filter needed for your particular car. After that, we check this information with you to make sure it is accurate.

We also sell a variety of premium oil brands since we are dealers for a number of respectable oil businesses that we have personally tested and utilize in our own cars (Liqui-Moly, Motul, Mobil 1 etc.). We are pleased to fulfill your request if you have a certain brand of oil that you prefer. We will write the service ticket for your car and dispatch it to our professional oil change Tulsa technicians so they may start the oil change service.

Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in carrying out precise and effective oil changes. After draining the old oil from your car and replacing the filter with a high-quality one that either meets or surpasses OEM specifications, they will fill your engine back up with the right weight and brand of oil that you have chosen. Our technician will visually inspect your car to make sure everything is in functioning order while doing the oil change. After the oil change is complete, our technicians will double-check their work to make sure everything was done as intended.

We will print and display an oil change service label on your windshield based on the type of oil used in your car (full synthetic, synthetic blend, high mileage, etc.). This sticker will indicate the corresponding timeframe and estimated mileage for you to return for your next oil change, ensuring it aligns with the designated service interval for said oil. You can rely on us here at Team-One Automotive to give you an expert and comprehensive oil change service that will maintain the smooth operation of your car.

Benefits of regular oil changes with Team-One Automotive

Regular oil changes are necessary to keep your car’s engine operating long and in good condition. By lubricating the engine’s moving parts, oil reduces wear and friction and postpones engine failure. It also helps with heat dissipation, which improves engine performance and fuel efficiency. Frequent oil changes keep the engine clean and operating smoothly by removing impurities. Additionally, they enable the early identification of possible problems, sparing you money on expensive repairs. All things considered, frequent oil change Tulsa is a tiny expenditure that, by prolonging the life of your engine and preserving peak performance, can result in significant savings.

Oil change Tulsa additives from our trusted partners

At Team-One Automotive, we provide a range of high-quality Liqui-Moly and BG Products additives to extend the life and enhance the functionality of your vehicle. Your engine will operate more smoothly and effectively with less wear and friction thanks to Liqui-Moly’s MoS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment and Certec treatment. With time, these additives can help your engine run more smoothly and efficiently. We also provide BG Products MOA (Motor Oil Additive), a great engine oil additive that keeps engines clean by preventing deposits and sludge from forming. For many years to come, you can maintain the smooth and effective operation of your engine by combining these additives with routine oil changes. BG Products also provides a Lifetime Protection Plan when you utilize their goods and services at an authorized dealer like ourselves, which includes the MOA addition. If certain parts of the engine and fuel system in your car break down while the protection plan is active, it will cover those parts. For complete details, it’s recommended to verify with BG Products or your service provider as the warranty’s exact terms and conditions may differ.

Signs your vehicle needs an oil change

Maintaining the performance of your car depends on knowing when to replace the oil. Louder engine noise or ‘knocking’ noises, as well as dark, filthy oil, are indicators that an oil change is necessary. Low oil pressure or old oil might also be indicated by the check engine light. Burning oil may be indicated by exhaust smoke that is blue or gray in color. Another clue that it’s time for an oil change is a detectable oil stench inside the vehicle or low fuel efficiency. If you check your oil dipstick in the engine bay or from the onboard computer and you notice your oil is low, you may have an oil consumption issue from either burning or a leak. You may also be able to visibly see oil stains or leaks wherever you park. If you notice either of these, we recommend contacting us immediately. Remember to observe the recommended oil change Tulsa interval set by the manufacturer, which is usually every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. To avoid engine damage and preserve smooth performance, replace your oil as soon as you see any of these symptoms.