Wheels and Tires, TPMS

Tire Care Expertise at Team-One Automotive

At Team-One Automotive, proper tire maintenance is paramount for safe driving and optimal vehicle performance. Our facility utilizes top-of-the-line Hunter Engineering equipment like the Revolution Tire Machine and Hammerhead Road Force Balance machine for precision tire mounting and balancing.

Our trained technicians are wheel experts, adept at handling mounting, balancing, TPMS systems, valve stem issues, leaks, punctures, and patches. With We realize how important tires are for safety and performance. Our crew takes a comprehensive approach to every tire servicing, ensuring that your tires are in good condition for a smooth ride. Trust Team-One Automotive for unmatched tire care expertise.


Comprehensive Tire Solutions

We offer a full range of tire services to keep your vehicle performing at its best. Our vast selection of tire brands and types ensures we can outfit your car, truck, or SUV with the perfect set of tires for your driving needs.

Tire Replacement – Whether you need new tires for better traction, improved fuel efficiency, or simply due to wear and tear, our professionals are here to help. We’ll guide you through our extensive inventory to find the ideal tires based on your vehicle, driving habits, and budget.

Tire Rotations – Proper tire rotation is essential for even tread wear and maximizing tire life. Our technicians follow recommended intervals to rotate your tires, ensuring balanced wear and improved safety.

Tire Balancing – Unbalanced tires can cause vibrations, premature wear, and an uncomfortable ride. Our state-of-the-art Hunter Engineering balancing equipment precisely balances your tires, eliminating annoying vibrations and promoting even tread wear.

Tire Repair – Punctures and damage happen, but that doesn’t always mean you need new tires. Our experts assess tire damage and provide reliable repair services when possible(and when safe), saving you from the cost of premature replacement when you don’t need it.

With our comprehensive tire solutions, you can trust that your vehicle’s tires are in expert hands. We prioritize safety, performance, and value, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Wheel Maintenance and Repair

Proper wheel alignment is crucial for optimal handling, performance, and even tire wear. At Team-One Automotive, we offer expert alignment services using the latest Hunter Engineering Hawkeye Elite alignment equipment.

Wheel Alignment Misaligned wheels can lead to pulling, longer stopping distances, and difficulty responding quickly. Our technicians are extensively trained, including direct training from Hunter Engineering, to perform alignments with utmost precision.


We provide several alignment services:

Regular Alignments: Routine alignments ensure ideal handling, reduce uneven tire wear, and improve fuel efficiency.

Alignment Checks: If you experience steering issues or uneven tire wear, our alignment checks diagnose any misalignment problems.

Custom Alignments: For performance enthusiasts, we offer custom alignments tailored to your driving style, adjusting camber, caster, toe, and more for optimal handling.

OEM Alignments: After repairs or parts replacement, we align your vehicle to original manufacturer specifications for proper handling.

Our technicians’ expertise extends beyond the basics – several have real-world high-performance driving experience, allowing them to dial in alignments perfectly tuned for track use, drifting, autocross, and more.

  • Wheel Balancing – Imbalanced wheels cause vibrations, premature wear, and an uncomfortable ride. Our state-of-the-art balancing equipment precisely balances your wheels, eliminating annoying shakes.
  • Wheel Repair – We assess wheel damage and provide reliable repair services for bent wheels and refinishing/restoration when possible to avoid premature replacement costs.


Don’t compromise on wheel maintenance – trust the experts at Team-One to keep your vehicle’s wheels and alignment in peak condition for safety and performance.

TPMS Expertise

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an essential safety feature that alerts you when your tires have low pressure. Properly inflated tires improve handling, increase fuel efficiency, and extend tire life.

At Team-One Automotive, we have the expertise and specialized diagnostic tools to keep your TPMS functioning correctly. TPMS sensors can fail due to battery depletion, corrosion, or physical damage. When sensors need replacing, our technicians use the Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 TPMS Tool to quickly identify faulty sensors and program new ones to match your vehicle.

If your TPMS warning light is on, there could be an issue with the sensors, module, or system wiring. Our team utilizes the latest Autel diagnostic scanners to pinpoint the problem. We can reset/relearn the TPMS, replace components, and reprogram the system to get your TPMS operating reliably again.

Our TPMS solutions also include:

  • Tire pressure monitoring and adjustment
  • Scanning and clearing TPMS codes/faults
  • TPMS system configuration and make/model updates


With our expertise and professional-grade TPMS tools like the Autel MaxiTPMS, you can count on Team-One Automotive to have your tire pressure monitoring system operating accurately. Maintain your TPMS to improve safety, boost MPGs, and maximize your tires’ lifespan.


Wheel and Tire Customization Options

At Team-One Automotive, we understand that personalizing your vehicle’s wheels and tires is an exciting way to enhance its appearance and performance. That’s why we’ve cultivated a vast network of trusted vendors to provide an extensive selection of aftermarket wheels and tires.

Our wheel offerings span a wide range of respected brands, including Apex Race Wheels, BBS, Vossen, TSW, Volk, Rays, HRE, Konig, Enkei and more. With various styles, sizes, and price points available, you’re sure to find the perfect wheels to complement your vehicle’s look and driving needs.

We prioritize carrying tires from reputable manufacturers known for their quality and performance. Our tire inventory includes options from Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, and more – ensuring we have the right tires for any budget, style preference, or intended use case. If you prefer to stick with your vehicle’s original equipment tires, we can also source the exact OEM brand and sizes.

Our expertise extends beyond just selling wheels and tires. We can pair your new wheel and tire selections with our comprehensive suspension services and precise alignment capabilities. This allows us to create a tailored package that optimizes your vehicle’s stance, handling characteristics, and driving dynamics to your exact preferences. We can even offer stud conversions and different lug bolt options to suit your style or use case.

Whether you’re seeking a subtle aesthetic upgrade or a full-on performance transformation, our team at Team-One Automotive can guide you through the process of selecting the ideal aftermarket wheels and tires. Combined with our suspension tuning and alignment services, we’ll have your vehicle dialed in exactly to your liking.